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16 schools...
12 sports...
1,000s of memories...

Celebrating sports excellence for

middle school students

in St. Johns County since 2009


Sponsors & Scholarships

SJMSAA through the Keith Martin Scholarship Foundation offers financial assistance to students who would like to participate in middle school sports. 

Our program is supported through registration fees as well as sponsorships and donations from local businesses and organizations. 


Register for Sports Here

SJMSAA offers sports for every season. Schedules for each sport varies. This Master Calendar is a helpful guide to understanding when each sport is active. 


Bringing middle school sports to St. Johns County

Saint Johns Middle School Athletic Association, also known as SJMSAA, currently oversees 12 different sports programs available to students in 16 public middle schools in St. Johns County, Florida and several private schools and middle-school-aged students who are home-schooled. The term "middle school" applies to students in grades 6 through 8 (including rising 6th graders) in stand-alone middle school institutions, those grades located in the K-8 academies throughout the county and home-schooled students.  The sports SJMSAA oversees are: football, baseball, softball, golf, tennis, cheer, dance and soccer.  It is our vision to continue growing the program as the population of our community grows. 


SJMSAA is an independent, private non-profit corporation. SJMSAA uses district middle school names and facilities under a license agreement with the district. SJMSAA is solely responsible for the operation of the SJMSAA middle school sports programs and their individual teams. The organization’s mission is to promote community citizenship, good sportsmanship, and physical and mental development through healthy, organized competition and team work for 12-15 year olds. The program is open to all middle school students and does not restrict membership due to race, religion, or gender. 


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