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Donate to the Keith Martin Scholarship Foundation

We appreciate your interest in supporting our Middle School athletes as they embark on their school athletic careers. The Keith Martin Scholarship Foundation offers opportunities to help students with the costs associated with registering for the sport of their choice. We offer a general scholarship fund where monies are collected from sponsor dollars, donations, and portions collected through registration fees.  Scholarships are distributed in the form of a coupon or discount rate that can be applied to the registration fee for any eligible student that has submitted an application.

While the fund is available to all eligible students, if you wish to sponsor a scholarship for a particular sport, school or student, you can choose to donate a custom dollar amount and specify where you would like that amount to be applied. While registration fees vary per sport, the cost of registration for any given sport can range from $250 to nearly $400. We can accept any amount you would like to donate to offset registration costs.

We accept these funds through PayPal donate (there is a minimal processing fee per transaction applied.)

How to Donate:

  1. Click the "Donate" Link above.

  2. You may choose to select the Keith Martin Scholarship Foundation which will apply your donation to the entire fund, or you can select a Sport and your donation will be allocated to eligible students registering for that sport.

  3. To further specify where you would like your donation applied, once you enter the amount, you can then "Write a Note" where you can indicate a particular school or an Athlete by name (and include their school and sport in the note for verification) and your donation will be applied accordingly..

We are thankful for your generosity in helping to make Middle School sports more accessible to our young athletes.

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