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SJMSAA Golf is open to 10-year-olds to 8th grade students zoned for their Middle School/Academy location in St. Johns County. Several schools operate their own Varsity teams; however, some schools have a limited number of student participation so they have a combined Varsity team with another school(s). The season begins with tryouts in January, followed by the season starting in March through May

Fall "Prep" Season

This fall we're partnering with The Academy at St. Johns to offer a "Prep" program for golf. This is great for anyone considering trying out for their school team come spring, or just wanting to get better at their game!

The program will be 6 weeks long, with two options:

Practice Only Option

 Practice once a week for 6 weeks with PGA Pro John Berardi. John is an expert in Junior Golf and will help you get ready and prepare for the tryouts in the Spring! Perfect for those who want to try out golf for the first time, or are still new to the sport!

This will be on Fridays at 4, 5, or 6 PM.


Practice & Play (some experience required)

6 weeks long with off-course practice 4 of the weeks and on-course play/practice 2 of the weeks. All instruction will be with Junior Pro, Jeff Rowe.

These sessions will be on Sundays at either 4 or 5 PM. On the playing Sundays on course, tee times will start at 4 PM with times given out by the coach. 

We are asking that those who participate in this session have some course experience and be able to walk 9 holes during the one course day.

Golf Instructional Development Teams (Spring)

There will be a number of golf development programs to provide further instruction for students who do not make their Varsity (competitive) team. We want everyone to be able to play golf and have added many locations to accommodate anyone who would like to participate this season. In these development groups, you will get pro-level instruction once a week just like the Varsity players. You will also have the opportunity to play in golf tournaments against others at YOUR skill level to sharpen your knowledge and abilities on the course. This new approach for our development groups consisting of instruction and tournament play will ensure that every development player will be ready for their Varsity team in the future!

How do I sign-up? (Spring)

All seasons require a non-refundable $25 tryout fee. You can select the Register button, choose your school or the school you would be zoned for, and begin creating a member profile.


Once tryouts have occurred, athletes who are selected for a team will receive an email notification that includes a link to pay the full season registration fee.

Registration fees generally include: team polo, cost of insurance, county and course fees per player, and operational fees.

2023 Golf Rules and Important Info

Coaches, Teams, and Other Info 

Click the button below for info on your school's coach information. Information updated regularly as it becomes available.

Schedule, Scores, & Rankings 

Schedules are now ready for the 2023 season. As we work with courses some dates and times will be "TBD" and/or might change so make sure to keep in contact with your coach as they will be the first to know of any changes.

Academy Teams & Landrum B Team

Non-Academy Teams

Contact Us!


Matt Stohler:

Athletic Directors

School Athletic Directors

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